Simon Archer Fucks a Fleshjack

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Released: 04/16/2013 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Solo, Toys & Kink Featuring: Simon Archer

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Simon Archer is the type of guy who is always on the prowl for his next fuck. He has dark blue eyes and a cocky smirk that makes you feel like he's been watching you at the club all night.

He also loves sex and needs it constantly. His favorite thing to do is take control of a guy and fuck him "ass up." With his thick, uncut monster cock, it's easy to see why he likes to make the most of it.

Another thing I like about Simon is his tattoos. He has an entire sleeve of his favorite cartoon characters on his right hand, which was very interesting to watch when he began jerking his cock with a Fleshjack. After he came all over his chest, he gave our cameras a little kiss and a wink like he knew he'd given us exactly what we wanted!


Jake Jaxson

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Simon Archer Simon Archer

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SuperManFan on 04/17/2013 Another disappointment. CockyBoys and Jake Jaxson is losing their touch. First Colby Keller and now this. A waste of 13 minutes. Where is the sex and the passion? And, I swear, I am a fan of Kolby and CockyBoys, that is why I feel as strongly I do. Please, let's get back on track. DA_Kinney on 04/18/2013 I'm sorry. I wasn't going to comment, but after reading the comment above, I had to. Solos are solos. I personally don't like them. I think the more men together, the better. I HAVE to disagree about the Colby Keller solo, though. I had NEVER seen such a hot solo in my life! I'd always imagined what it would be like for a gay guy to shoot a video like that, watching the model jerk off and do nothing. The interaction with the camera guy was sooooo hot it took my breath away! Colby is such a huge flirt and it was amazing! I think Jake Jaxson knows exactly what he's doing, and that's why Cockyboys is so different and so worth all the minutes I spend watching their videos. Simon is a great looking kid! His tatts scared the shit out of me, but his baby blue eyes make up for it! Can't wait to see him paired up with another cocky boy! THISisPORN on 04/18/2013 Simon is fucking hot! and to jump on the bandwagon...these are solos! not sex scenes which require another person dumb dumb ( supermanfan) dont watch the solos if you are going to complain about them just watch the fucking sex scene with 2 people in them. And i agree with (DA_Kinney) the colby Keller scene was very intriguing and NOT the regular type of thing ive see here. Which is why i love to see what they do next. Not all the movies are going to be amazing or what i like, but i dont have to be negative nancy and comment on everything that is not for me. grow up dude! Jeff on 04/18/2013 Agree. I see the solos as an "intermission." I think they are still sexy and hot and love to watch them. Don't watch them if you don't like them. I personally think this guy is sexy and the accent was a turn on. Pretty damn cute. Plus I would never trash anyone who puts themselves out there like this boy who likes to show off, have some fun and entertain us. Jake Jackson knows what he is doing and personally I believe does it the best and with respect and appreciation for the models/actors. Wnkr on 04/18/2013 by the way: this was some awesome cumshot. hurray! josh on 04/18/2013 Just to add my two cents--I LOVE the solos. This one, the colby one... It's my favorite way to get to know a performer before I see them in a duo (or more....) It's sexy to hear them talk about sex...these are great. persia1979 on 04/19/2013 I am in love with his accent voice. this is one of the best solos. :) Ryo on 04/19/2013 Solos are fun appetizers, Simon is the whole package and Colby is the epitome of a cocky boy. The end. CT on 04/27/2013 Simon is damn hot. Can't wait to see him fuck. Please shoot more with Simon. Woof Show More Comments

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