Mike Gaite Fucks Brandon Jones

Featuring Brandon Jones & Mike Gaite

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Released: 09/01/2015 Categorized Under: Muscled, No Ink Featuring: Brandon Jones & Mike Gaite

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With most of our CockyBoys based in New York, it's always refreshing to catch a glimpse of the nightlife scene with our boys in Montreal. Brandon Jones has become somewhat of a Québécois CockyBoy staple recently, and now we finally get to peek inside his personal life. He's a bartender at a popular bar with fellow CockyBoy stud Gabriel Clark, so you know he's picked up some pretty hot guys. Enter Mike Gaite, a sweet-talker who turned surprisingly aggressive very quickly. The boys didn't even make it out of the club before they were half naked and making out.

This scene is intense! Mike hastily led Brandon back to his hotel room, both their shirts still off, and quickly stripped to their jocks where Mike proved to be one of the most burly, built, scruffy, and brutal tops we've seen in a while. He shoved Brandon down to his crotch where Brandon engulfed the entirety of Mike's cock. Mike then sucked, rimmed, fingered, and then full-on fucked Brandon hard up against the wall. It all happened so fast! But Mike made sure to prolong the fucking part of it all as much as possible.

Mike literally tossed Brandon onto his bed, peeled off his jockstrap (yes, it was still on!) and quickly commenced pounding him doggy-style after another quick rimming. Brandon was moaning like crazy, barely able to catch his breath, as Mike fucked and kissed him gently at first but then abruptly and mercilessly drilled him like a jackrabbit. After that, Mike flipped Brandon over and continued plowing him in missionary, making sure to catch his every facial expression. With Mike's muscular body thrusting hard in front of him, it wasn't long before Brandon shot his load. Mike surprised him with a hard, sensual kiss before jerking a geiser out of his rock hard rod right onto Brandon's torso shortly after. Mike Gaite is pure sexual adrenaline, and Brandon was completely spent!


Jake Jaxson

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Brandon Jones Brandon Jones Mike Gaite Mike Gaite

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KMW on 09/01/2015 ok I don't like Mike, all he does is growl, and talk dirty (which I don't like) and he's not even that good looking. this is the one thing that your doing that I don't like, its like the dirty talk doesn't belong in cockyboys, it gives off a bad image (in my opinion) you don't need it, your models are better than that. But Brandon was actually not bad in this one. Jim on 09/01/2015 This is a smoking hot scene - the dirty talk is fantastic. Silvertongue on 09/02/2015 Not a fan of Mike Gaites, but this was a very hot, intense scene. Brandon has such a great body, always a pleasure seeing him. quiet1 on 09/02/2015 Nice concept for this scene and well shot as usual. Though I did miss the subtlety of framing and lighting that usually characterizes RJ's work. Being a night setting has made me realize how used to the gorgeous day time shoots that are a predominant part of the CB scene settings, but nice for a change. Aside from all my thoughts on the story and the filming etc I have to say that I am not won over by Mike. Brandon has grown on me and I can quite enjoy a good power dynamic with a forceful top every now and again. But the "dirty talk" was too much like bad porn and the growling.... don't really know what to say about that. Rbcone on 09/02/2015 I agree with quiet1 in not being a fan of the darker setting, but it did heighten the feel of the scene. Brandon is a favorite of mine so I enjoyed seeing him again. Casting Mike as the dominant partner was strange. Usually this much attitude comes with larger equipment ( not his fault). But his strong physique and acting skill made the scene work for me. His hot creamy cum shot was a real plus. I enjoy seeing the more masculine, older men as well as the lusty younger boys, but the theme of this scene was a little too dark for my taste. S68909 on 09/02/2015 This is the first scene, since I joined cockyboys, that I did not watch to the end. It almost felt like I had come accross an old porn movie and not the class scene Im used to from cockyboys. The only good thing I can say is it was nice change being in a different setting OzPinny on 09/02/2015 I wasn't originally going to comment but felt compelled to. I'm a huge CB fan, it's the only subscription I have or need. If this wasn't on your site or didn't have the lovely Brandon Jones in it I wouldn't have pegged it as a CB scene. The things I love about CB scenes seemed to be missing somehow. The ever present connection, pre-scene and during. The chemistry, the lighting, sensuality, balance. To me it was dark both literally and figuratively. Don't get me wrong, I like a little grrrr, and you guys have had some good successes with that previously, but I think this was a bit of a miss. Maybe it's because Mike doesn't do it for me, but even as much as I love Brandon I couldn't love it, sorry :( Just didn't feel it xx Maxwell on 09/03/2015 This scene is hot! Both these men are so passionately into each other it almost feels as if there's no camera in the room. No embellishments, no preposterous, silly positions that seem to pervade porn these days. Just two guys having real sex. Mike hard-pounding the cum out of Brandon is the perfect "climax" to the scene. Well done. sgaseattle on 09/03/2015 Have to agree with most of you. Mike's a stretch as a CB. Didn't watch it to the end either. Wasn't awful, just not up to your usual standards. Maybe it was the lighting thing... Give the boy another chance maybe with regular lighting. As for Brandon, as a bottom, I aspire to be like him in all ways! Show More Comments

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