JUST ONE NIGHT: Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

Featuring Boomer Banks & Michael DelRay

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Boomer Banks heads home after a hot party but he's sure not ready to call it a night. Neither is Michael DelRay. They're both on the prowl, crossing paths at an unlikely spot, exchanging lusty glances and drawing closer. After a few grazing gestures, Boomer takes Michael by the hand to a fire escape outside his building. There they make out and Boomer boldly sucks Michael's cock before taking him up to the roof to suck him more and rim him. At the highest roof level they kiss and gaze at the cityscape, but Boomer gets to the point with dead seriousness: "Do you want to stay here and watch the view or do you wanna go fuck?"

In Boomer's bedroom they waste little time. Michael pushes a delighted Boomer to a chair and pulls off his pants to suck and slightly choke on his cock. An emboldened Michael turns Boomer around and aggressively rims him deeply and effectively, making Boomer beg for Michael to be inside him. He takes control and fucks Boomer, his voice growing deeper the harder he fucks. Acting like this is HIS domain, Michael lies back and orders Boomer to ride his cock...which he does readily. They move together, their moans and grunts filling the air. But at one point Boomer sits up and tells Michael with quiet confidence that it's his turn to fuck.

Barely changing positions Boomer plunges into Michael, making him moan louder with every deep, full thrust. Soon, Boomer reclaims control and with relative ease he turns Michael around to fuck him against the headboard harder and faster. As their bodies grind together they reach the point of no return. Michael sits on Boomer's stomach and with his huge cock almost reaching Boomer's face, he gushes cum in his beard and on his chest. With Michael's face buried under his balls Boomer shoots his own huge load, his intense orgasm extended by Michael sucking his sensitive cock. As they kiss the question remains: Was this hook-up only "just one night"?

Jake Jaxson

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Boomer Banks Boomer Banks Michael DelRay Michael DelRay

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quiet1 on 10/27/2017 There are some great shots in this scene. My particular favorites were the silhouette shots and partially lit shots when Michael and Boomer were on the bed and Boomer was kneeling over Michael. It showed them off in such a subtle but sexy way. Also I have to say I love Dom Daddy Boomer. His calm affectionate dominance when he turns it on is so incredibly arousing. mzdivasandy on 10/28/2017 Holy fuck! These two set the room on fire! Both Boomer and Michael are gorgeous and sexy men. aargauch on 10/28/2017 BB is past his prime. He has definitely lost his physical physical shape. meowmmycat on 10/28/2017 Boomer Banks is the reason I wish I had been born a gay man. He's gorgeous. He's gorgeous. Did I mention he is gorgeous? His body is beyond belief sexy. Boomer is my favorite Cockyboy/Performer. He did not disappoint me in this scene. I had never heard of Michael DelRay....but he is extremely easy on the eyes. Great pairing, great scene.#GPSAAM approved! Wilky8 on 10/29/2017 It had some potential. I particularly liked the loft setting, although it was pretty tacky overall. Get rid of the cheap furnishings (and the Salvation Army thrift shop art), lighten it up, clean the windows and it could be cool. Oh, the porn part? Meh. Figaro4me on 10/30/2017 Yes! Another hot Boomer scene. First time I've seen Michael in a scene, welcome to Cockyboys Michael. Good pairing, just wanted it to be longer, I loved the lighting & the way it played with their bodies. Just can't get enough of Boomer. Both very vocal, which I love, great job guys.❤ Maco on 10/30/2017 As with the other scenes in this series the top marks go not to the models who are terrific but to the photographer. He obviously likes a challenge and there is nothing more challenging than filming at night. He captures the right mood with his clever interplay of light and shadow and his daring use of filming against the light - truly a masterclass in night photography. Adam on 10/31/2017 The scene lighting and setting are not good. I love Michael, please, feature him often. Irving Wever on 11/06/2017 Boomer Banks is amazing hot, i could not believe my eyes while he undresses, he is so huge and hung. That cock of him is amazing gorgeous !!! Love Boomer banks, you are the best. michael is a hot bottom too for Boomer Banks. Show More Comments

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