Damian Black Fucks Frankie V

Featuring Damian Black & Frankie Valentine

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Released: 06/24/2015 Categorized Under: Twink Featuring: Damian Black & Frankie Valentine

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Frankie V. is really coming into his own -- his sweet personality, angelic face, his bad boy tats. Something about him is just so strikingly... masculine. All the guys love Frankie, and it was studly Damian Black's turn to spend a sweltering summer day with him. The guys started making lemonade at first and eating watermelon, and then they went to go lay out by the pool and show off their impeccable bodies.

At some point they both started jerking, Damian on a lawn chair watching Frankie dipping his toes in the pool, his hand firmly exploring his package beneath his shorts. Before long they were sucking each other off on the side of the pool, leading them both to their first orgasms for the day. After a quick dip, some hot dogs, and a short nap, the guys found themselves naked again. And this time, they were ready to go all the way.

Frankie prepped Damian's cock with a wet blowjob and then gently sat on his thick rod, gradually increasing in speed as he rode him. Then Damian flipped Frankie over and nailed him hard from behind up against a chair. Frankie was in pure bliss, but it wasn't under Damian flipped him on his back that the guys were then both pushed over the edge. Damian pounded Frankie extra hard until he came on his own abs, while Damian finished himself off a few moments later. A lazy summer day well spent!


Jake Jaxson

Models Featured in this Scene

Damian Black Damian Black Frankie Valentine Frankie Valentine

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Leigh on 06/25/2015 Wow! That was smoking hot. I loved the connection between them. The part by the pool in the rain was particularly stunning visually. Damian is gorgeous and has this sensuality to him that seems completely genuine. Frankie's equally impressive. His expressions when he was riding on top were perfection. IMO- There should definitely be more filming by the pool. quiet1 on 06/25/2015 That pool house is absolutely gorgeous. Such a great setting with the natural lighting and open space. I really loved the guys spooning on the couch and the slow caresses that re-started the mood. I know if would wake up in a good mood if I was cuddling with either of the guys. Their start on the yellow chair was perfect, it honestly could have been carried on to the completion of the scene in my opinion. It allowed for and seem to encourage the guys to a lot more caressing, kissing and just so much that is sexy and helps to give more of a link between the guys. Something more intimate in that position and in those actions. But overall I really did enjoy that spectacular summer day. dorome on 06/25/2015 Chemistry wise this might not be my favourite scene, but it's so fucking beautiful that I forget about everything else. The setting at the pool and later in the pool house is just breathtaking. And both Frankie and Damien are totally gorgeous. The slower scenes between them (waking up after their nap, and after they jerked of ate pool) and the dream? part in the rain were just perfect! ❀dr on 06/25/2015 This was so fucking HOTTT. Damien Black is so masculine and sexy. Frankie is just too cute even with those bad boy tats. I really enjoyed the 'spending the day' with them format. If this had a bit of foot play and and a shower at the end it would have been a perfect day. @dr2450 Fikkofakko on 06/25/2015 Great guys , great scene . They are breath - taking . Both of them is as hot as hell . Congrats to the boys and to the production . KMW on 06/25/2015 very well done, great job to everyone, very good scene 2 gorgeous guys, love them both, beautiful day, beautiful scene. I wanna see more like this. keep up the good work Mancunia on 06/26/2015 Loved the smoky hot looks and caresses they gave each other during the film that you could really feel how each was feeling. I have said before how much I adore outside scenes and this was no exception. Hoped they cleaned the water with all that goo-y cum in it earlier. Don't like Frankie's bleached hair, otherwise a good 35 mins. IamMischief on 07/02/2015 Frankie is such a beautiful boy. Unreal. Vince on 07/03/2015 Scenes like this are what make this site. The slow sensual sex between these two was so very special. Some of their looks made me believe they would want to do this with each other again and again. This type of caring and tenderness is too often missing in so much. For me this scene was about two men connecting through sex on a deeper, much deeper level. It of course does not hurt that Damien is drop dead gorgeous and Frankie is beyond cute. Sweet and ultra sexy is the best way I can describe this scene. Definitely one to be savored again and again. Show More Comments

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