Brandon and Adrian Fuck

Featuring Adrian Long & Brandon Jones

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Released: 03/28/2011 Categorized Under: Featuring: Adrian Long & Brandon Jones

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WOOF!! It's rare to see chemistry like this in porn. Adrian and Brandon start by making out on the bed and it just evolves into this passionate animalistic lovin' and the guys are not shy at all about showing it off for the camera. After Adrian devours Brandon's ass like a fat kid devours cake he then sucks his big dick while fingering his ass and massaging his prostate with his thumb to get his hole opened up and ready for the fucking of its lifetime. And for the love of porn, Brandon and his hungry butt just couldn't get enough of Adrian's cock- Brandon eagerly kept pushing and thrusting himself into Adrian's huge cock trying to get it as deep as possible into his manhole. Being so much into each other I think made them shoot their loads both at the same time and let me tell ya - it's been a while since we've had a cumshot like this here on That's all I'm telling y'all - do yourself (and your dick) a favor and go watch this asap!

Models Featured in this Scene

Adrian Long Adrian Long Brandon Jones Brandon Jones

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Cassandra on 04/20/2011 Oh my double god! IJustJoined on 06/06/2011 I second that! PornDog on 08/11/2011 First rule of shooting porn: The bottom must always cum from being fucked. Second rule of shooting porn: The bottom must always cum from being fucked. If a model can't cum as he's being pounded, then hire one that can. How is it that two real life boyfriends can't get each other to blow their loads as they fuck, and need to resort to masturbation to deliver the money shot. This scene had all the right elements until what should have been a great climax. In the end, it just falls flat. Zozo on 10/04/2011 Wow, thank you PornDog Ebert for that review. I didn't know they were BFs but now think it this scene was like the night they hooked up. Hot!!! Jim on 07/10/2012 Adrian is HOT AS FUCK with that hair cut. Still a hot scene. Hydro on 10/03/2012 Whoa!! That was some kinda passionate!! Hot blah on 10/04/2012 Unfortunatly at 12 minutes on a 15 minutes scene, the top is half hard, shaking his thing trying to make it hard and yes, nothing more " we couldnt do it " and boring when they masturbate to come...Zzzzzzz hairy beast on 10/14/2012 Didn't any one have a spare viagra for the top? Why bring a wet blanket to a hot picnic like Brandon Jones??? stier51 on 04/12/2013 Wonderful. Two beauties. So hot... Show More Comments

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