Boomer Banks Bangs Allen King

Featuring Allen King & Boomer Banks

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Released: 06/02/2016 Categorized Under: Hung & Big Dicks, Ink'd, Interracial, Men & Boys, Outdoors Featuring: Allen King & Boomer Banks

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“I hope that Boomer will fuck me very hard and will destroy my ass. I love that and I want it!” That’s the first thing Allen King says about Boomer Banks and you can see the twinkle in his eye… He means every word of it. As Boomer and Allen lay on the hammock surrounded by the beautiful scenery they can’t help but feel attracted to each other. As Allen says - “He’s a power top, I’m a power bottom” Do we have to say anything more?

Before anyone has a panic attack - yes, we are aware of the fact that Boomer’s cock is practically half the size of Allen but to be fair - Allen is the one who asked for it. Of course, here at Cockyboys, we’ve learned our lesson already - never deny a hungry power bottom a monster cock. It’s actually against the law and Allen is here to prove to all of us that when there’s a will, there’s a way! As he begins to suck on Boomer’s 10 incher it becomes obvious that Allen has been waiting for this moment for a long time. He does not even show any sign of struggle as he devours the humongous cock down his throat. But what Boomer really wants is to “cuddle-fuck” the hell out of Allen so he grabs him in his arms and slowly puts all 10 inches inside Allen’s tight hole from the back. Once they start going there is no stopping these two. They literally fuck like rabbits all over the place - on the hammock, on the trees, on the fence… No place is off limits and no position is too much as long as Boomer keeps plowing Allen hard and deep. At one point Allen even says he can’t take it anymore but he doesn’t want him to stop. If that’s not the definition of a true power bottom then I don’t know what is! Finally Allen can’t hold it anymore and while Boomer is drilling him on the fence he shoots his load all over his chest which Boomer does too right after that.


Jake Jaxson

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Allen King Allen King Boomer Banks Boomer Banks

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#boomerme on 06/03/2016 So glad Boomer joined cockyboys! This scene was beyond hot! Mojorizen on 06/03/2016 You folks did great love ya!!!!! Figaro on 06/03/2016 Oh yes!! Boomer is fast becoming my favorite CB.. I love the way he is kind, considerate, yet a bit rough too. 😈 love Allen too. I felt it seemed a bit awkward with some of the positions at times. Just wanted them to have a good roll in the grass instead. But still hot!! Will be watching this, again & again.😀👅❤💙💛💜💞💋 pastelcarnation on 06/03/2016 very good scene, love these 2 great together lots of chemistry and very sexy although I must say, Ricky did the fence much better, but Allen was amazing too, lovin Boomer a lot !! Honey on 06/03/2016 When I first saw the pictures from this shoot, I have to admit that all I could think of was how Allen was so brave to attempt to take Boomer's monster. That thing is scary and Allan is so small! I hate to see my favourite performers in visible pain or discomfort, so it made me feel a bit anxious. However, it seems from the start that they really have the hots for each other and their making out in the beginning is very gentle and sensual. And when they start fucking, you can see how Boomer is very considerate and watches for Allan's reactions. I'm sure it didn't feel comfortable for Allen for the length of the whole scene, but Boomer did his best to not kill him with that dick and pleasure the boy. Allen is his sexy but adorable self and Boomer gets to show his gentle caring side. The combination is irresistible! angel72 on 06/03/2016 I have one thing to say and one only : Oh Boomer-my Boomer ,i SO fucking love you... (* le big sigh *) Paul on 06/03/2016 it's a good scene, I like Boomer but I think Cockyboys who have already spent too many guys that hammock..... It is high time to buy something new one of my favorite scenes happened in that hammock.....long time ago Rbcone on 06/04/2016 Very enjoyable scene. The pacing was just right. Languid at first with each of them exploring their sensuality while looking forward to greater pleasures to come. Given Boomer's main attribute, this could have been cock in the ass and pounding to release. Instead the tension between the drive to ejaculation and the desire to prolong the pleasure made it highly erotic. Allen is adorable. He has developed his body into a handsome man while still keeping a bit of twink. I'm not a fan of Boomer's Tatar or hair, but he added a lot of personal chemistry to this very hot scene. Kudos all around. estaban109 on 06/05/2016 wow amazing sexy video's Show More Comments

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