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Zach Astor

Zach Astor

Meet Zach

Zach Astor is every inch the exhibitionist and he has many inches to exhibit! After getting a following as @dudepubes on social media, cam and OnlyFans scenes he took the next step with his pro debut at CockyBoys. Zach may seem the mild-mannered artist (he's actually a glassblower!) but the quietly confident guy loves showing off his ginormous cock and being the object of desire. He loves kissing and sensual body contact AND he really gets off when his cock worshiped! If a guy can take his cock Zach knows he REALLY want it and he likes him all the more.

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Erandil on 10/15/2020 Wow this guy is so damn sexy and hot. Need to see him cream pie someone leeber on 10/17/2020 DAMN woolfy on 10/19/2020 hello Zach whihc part of the county do you find most fun east or the west? Hot Cheese on 10/22/2020 Hot SHIT !!! Kilgore6969 on 11/27/2020 Jeezus omg he is gorgeous!!! Looks like a boy from physics class or something ChasingLINK on 12/20/2020 He looks like a clone of Machine Gun Kelly. So HOT! IamDallasLyn on 01/15/2021 One of my faves!

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