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Tory Mason

Tory Mason

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Tory Mason – man Tory fucking Mason. I can’t say his name without getting a hard on – seriously. He is the hottest fucking supertwink in the world. He has this weird combination of innocence and sexuality. You never know whether to father him or fuck his brains out. Now THAT’S star power. He has a fierce little body and a sweet disposition. His beaming smile is irresistible. He greats everyone with a high and a wink, and yet you know beneath those clothes is one of the hottest fucks on the planet. Tory owns his sexuality. If he sees a cock he wants, he’s not bashful. He goes after it. He finds the closest available location and gives the guy the ride of his life. This kid can ride dick better than anyone I have ever seen. He truly enjoys it. He’s mastered the art of getting a cock on his g-spot, so everything he does sexually is real. Tory loves to be naked. He’s always bouncing around my loft bare as a baby’s bottom. I’m not going to lie – I can’t help but think about him sitting on my face or riding my cock while he cums all over my stomach. But we’re good friends… can’t go there. You’ll be seeing a lot of him on my site though. We hang out at TigerHeat in Los Angeles, and I have plenty of chances to catch him doing the deed. It’s real, it’s innocent, it’s dirty and it’s fucking hot.

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guest on 05/09/2009 HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! jeisohn on 07/04/2009 WOW WOW HOT HOT XO flagstaf on 10/10/2009 I joined this site for Tory. So hot, definitely need to see more of him here. bigmo13 on 11/05/2009 More Tory! He's the reason I joined too randy1 on 12/21/2009 LOVE THAT BOTTOM ACTION THAT TORY HAS GOT GOINGT ON. napscoordinator on 07/10/2010 I love Robert. More of him....everyday in fact. lol. caoimh on 08/02/2010 I Love Tory Mason too. Excellent reason for joining this site and staying with it so long as there's more Tory Mason Jaigo2010 on 08/12/2010 Losers Tory Mason is not hot. Grow some! yogilini1 on 10/10/2010 hes soo hot! powpow121 on 03/12/2011 big love to Tory - hottest piece of ass on the planet. hotfarmer on 04/25/2011 WHAT A MAN!!!! toryfun on 07/30/2012 Tory is the BEST and love him as he is, BLOND and DIRTY!!! tyson on 01/20/2013 tory is so fucking sexy, i just wish that he was a bit more vocal and had a bigger cock

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