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Tony Capucci

Tony Capucci

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You probably remember Tony from way back in the day when CockyBoys was just starting out. He left Cockyboys to pursue other interests in life, but as I've proven to you a few times already, "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!". In his own words "I just had to come back." I got together with Tony to talk about having him shoot with CockyBoys again (and keep in mind, it's been years since I've seen him). I didn't think it was possible for Tony to get any hotter, but like a fine wine, he's matured into a knee-quivering specimen of manhood. And that's why after getting re-acquainted with Tony and shooting a few scenes with him, I made the decision to sign Tony as an exclusive CockyBoys model! I knew he'd fit perfectly with our current roster of exclusive models, and JUST WAIT till you see the hot CockyBoys I've paired Mr. Capucci up with.......

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vampiro on 09/11/2009 Tony is the HOTTEST guy on your website, but he should bottom to be a real cockyboy and make your clients completely happy ;-)! aashintu1 on 03/06/2010 My fantasy is to be tag fucked by Tony Capucci and TJ Hawke! mariposa10 on 12/29/2010 Where are the movies of Tony? Xtreme1 on 01/24/2013 When will we see more of Tony . Is there more new videos of him CockyPlay on 01/30/2017 You guys really need to put Tony to work and make more videos with this man. Spanish Fly Boy on 10/22/2019 When Nature made Tony, She went heavy on "perfect" and skipped "humility" altogether. We're happy! More of him, please and Tony keep trying out more and more of the benefits of playing around on our team.

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