Tannor Reed

Tannor Reed

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Tannor Reed says he's always loved showing off & being watched and he learned when on social media & webcam that these exhibitionist leanings were an asset. That and the fact that flexible Tannor can suck his own dick and has whenever he wants..Of course there's more to sexy & sexual cutie Tannor than that. He's charming, intelligent and enjoys pleasing his partners. At the same time he knows the power he has as a bottom...and top when he chooses.

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Jerk Mehoff on 10/24/2020 I love this guy! thetable on 10/27/2020 One of the hottest bottoms in gay porn, I can’t wait to see his hole get used by Aidan Ward and/or Cory Kane!!!!! Maybe a threeway? 🥵 MIKEY32398w on 12/25/2020 tannor is fcking hot

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