Sharok is such a memorable, one-of-a-kind sexy and sexual man that he only needs to go by one name. Tall, bearded, hairy-muscled tattooed top Sharok may have a serious, hard-edged look, but there's more to him than that. This multilingual stud has a witty side and a semi-romantic passionate style that shines through in his many unforgettable scenes and match-ups. If you haven't seen him in action yet, we're sure his work at CockyBoys will have you seeking more of him.

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Romeodude on 01/01/2021 I never had the opportunity to know of or see Sharok until his arrival here at Cockyboys. He is another force of nature in his beauty, manhood, and entire being. It is so wonderful to see men of so many different types spending time together and enjoying sex with each other in such a beautiful way. Sharok is an amazing addition to the Cockyboys stable of men. He is a beautiful man and you can tell he is just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. Martin on 01/16/2021 He is very hot. Very masculine. Package is beautiful and just the right size. Yummy.

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