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Seth Clark

Seth Clark

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It's often said that Hollywood is all about nepotism. Well, the porn industry ain't no exception. Meet Seth Clark - Bobby Clark's younger brother. No for real. I know a lot of sites like to take two people who look the same and call them brothers - but, no bullshit, these two are the real deal. Bobby told me that his brother was looking to follow in his footsteps and after I met him in person, I definitely had no objections. This kid is fine as fuck. Talk about good looks running in the family - good lord! Young, cute as hell, all american, a cocky playful attitude, a ripped bod, AND a nice hot cock and an even hotter ass!? Hell, he didn't need his brother to put in a good word for him, I would have been trying to get this dude to take his clothes off even if I just met him on the street. Wait until you see this guys solo. You can tell by the way he rubs himself all over that he's in love with his body...and he's not alone. I guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more of this kid AND his bro on this site in the days to come. Ahhh's a beautiful thing.

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Michael on 05/17/2009 Two brothers jerking off together. But they never actually look at the other's dick. Kinda weird. Bobby makes a bogus comment, \You ARE uncut!!\" Bullshit. They're in their early twenties and haven't seen each other's cock? Come on. They've probabl bluebird on 07/05/2009 yes i agree two brothers and they never saw each other naked yeah right jasonboy on 03/29/2010 I love Seth , hes fucking hot SydMark on 07/20/2011 Seth is hot. He has a hot ass that needs to be put to use. When are we going to see Seth Bottom for us??? BOTTOM1 on 04/25/2012 id like to see Seth and Bobby flip fuck each other. If you ever bring them back, it would be fucken hot, who give a shit about morals, this is cockyboys and they are, COCKYBOYS!

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