Sean Maygers‏

Sean Maygers‏

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Classically handsome Sean Maygers exudes strength and confidence and he may look intimidating with his rock-hard, ripped and tattooed body and big cock. But Sean is actually very approachable, a very likable guy exuding Southern charm with his warm, twinkling eyes and disarming, dimpled smile. Sean describes himself as fun, energetic and easy going..with a piggy side. You might find he brings much of these qualities, if not all to his scenes.

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justme on 11/28/2017 Great addition to the site! More please... on 11/30/2017 we want more videos from Sean... He is hotter.. Adrian on 12/21/2017 more of him! Sanju87 on 07/23/2018 Come again to Cocky boys.. ur wonderful man..

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