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Robert Long

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If you like hot boys with long dicks, Albert is your man. Albert is his real name, but his 10 inch dick earned him the nickname “Long”. He’s sweet and charming, with a deceptively innocent ‘straight boy’ grin. He swears up and down he’s straight. I think that’s true – a lot of horny boys are straight until a hot tight piece of ass is pushed in their faces. For Albert, when his cock gets hard he has to pack that ten inches somewhere. I met him at a party at my dad’s home in Calabasas. At first he was quiet and reserved. But when he came out of the pool everyone noticed his dick through his board shorts. Tory Mason just couldn’t stand it. Albert had to fuck him and Tory wouldn’t rest until the full shaft of Albert’s cock was up his ass. Tory moved in for the kill. Check out the scene description for the full 411, but let’s just say Albert tore up some twink ass – they fucked so hard they almost slid down the hill! Albert ended up staying with us for a few days. Tory wasn’t the only one taking serious cock that weekend. By the time he left, Robert was worn out and he had fucked so much that his dick was irritated….Of course I gladly applied some lotion, but that’s another story. Peace.

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IDK8908 on 08/13/2010 Yeah, he's straight and I'm a baboon's ass. If he is really straight then I'll gladly eat my own foot. michaelf on 03/13/2011 straight? gay? twisty turned around? who's knows? cute, big dick, topman; definitely! he's probably fine fuckn a guy as long he doesn't have to hear \i love u, lets get married\" no bottomboy ever says \"i think im pregnant\"" hornybeee29 on 04/22/2011 biggest cock and hot fucker ever! Sabertooth on 03/09/2012 He's not coming home with me so who cares str8t gay I don't don't give a sh@t just keep f@ckin Just me! on 08/28/2016 I've commented and e-mailed several times that I'm still unable to view Tyler and Long.Why? Mason/Long is available,why not Tyler and Long? Just me! on 08/28/2016 Long and Tyler is STILL not available to view,.Why? ADAVID1 on 05/03/2017 Still unable to view Robert Long and Alexy Tyler,why? I relate to 'Just Me'comments too. You have never responded to this enquiry.Why?

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