Ridge Michaels

Ridge Michaels

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If you're into the all-American-boy-next-door type then Ridge Michaels is def. for you. Seriously - this inked up Florida beach boy looks like he just jumped off the pages of an A&F catalogue with his ripped lean bod and tight-ass six pack. You'll be as surprised as I was when you find out this blonde haired blue eyed "pretty boy" is a top - but after you see how he works that fat 8 inch cock of his you'll see why!

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imbrad on 04/17/2009 If i were to have a porn crush on anyone... it's Ridge! He's so fuckin adorable, i wish i wasn't just on my computer! ronxz98 on 04/18/2009 seconded!!! guest on 05/05/2009 Ridge is soooooo hot. He can leave his slippers under my bed any time. He is so cute, and looks like everyone's dream boy. uncclewi on 05/27/2009 Ridge is the reason I joined this site! He is so adorable. myguest on 06/25/2009 wow, I can't believe it, I met him and even better in person!!!! One of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life. uncclewi on 07/02/2009 Damn you met him, youre so lucky!!! heh daizzy108 on 09/04/2009 Ridge should have more vids like Jesse with is cock bouncing around sitting on top of a guy...

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