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Rick Nolan

Rick Nolan

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Rick is active in so many ways. He goes to the gym, boxes, and does a variety of other sports, and he loves getting tattooed. Rick is straight but when he is having sex with girls he seems to prefer to have some male companionship while he is at it. The ratio of 2 boys to one girl is a recurring theme in Rick's sex life. But I was able to persuade him to give film a scene for CockyBoys sans the girl, and he was surprisingly easy to persuade and thoroughly enjoyed fucking a guy.

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Rick Nolan Lover on 06/18/2011 This dirty fucker needs to come back, we are all his bitch. Anyone who looks at him is his bitch. It's highly unlikely, but imagine him breaking the hell out of Mason Star. For, like 30 minutes, Mason just serving him. I get the feeling they both like girls as much, get them going. By the way, Rick seems like he needs a bath. Let's keep it that way. Thanks for a big nut bust on this one. P.S. Can you start getting guys feet in the frame? I want to see Rick's. I don't want anyone to touch them just get them in the scene. garynickoli on 09/21/2012 his tats an look give me hard one instant

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