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RC Ryan

RC Ryan

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RC Ryan is a fucking stud – plain and simple. He’s a professional fighter (no shit) and has a body that would give a eunuch wood. (If you’re askin yourself what a eunuch is you’re too dumb to be on my site – bye, bye.) He is pretty fuckin close to physical perfection and is 50 times hotter in person. I think he was actually discovered by Randy Blue, and has worked the web and DVD circuit sense. What’s shocking about him is that he is genuinely a nice guy, and actually a tad bashful. He’s just this straight boy from the heartland that smashes faces in the ring, pounds ass on screen, and is a bit of puppy when he’s out of the spotlight. I met him when he came out to Cali on a boxing promo tour. To be honest I’m not into redheads – but FUCK you can’t not be into RC. He just looks like a fuck machine. He had to contract those abs while plowin some boy’s ass on my site. So – I hooked it up. Expect a lot from RC in the weeks and months to come. I promise you – you’ll see him do things you’ve never seen before….and I don’t mean in the boxing ring.

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scram888 on 08/01/2009 I just want to say that RC Ryan you are one sexy, sexy, sexy men... I mean just the thought of you makes me hard. That's it! gazza1975 on 09/08/2009 I have to agree with the above, yes he is one of the sexiest guys i've seen in porn but he always looks so bored ! He needs to get into it a bit more. If he doesn't like fucking guys then don't do it. He can always go back to modeling hamiltonsp21 on 12/29/2009 Every time i just think about him makes me so hard. He is the sexiest man that i have ever seen and i want to have sex with him soooo bad barlow on 04/26/2010 i also have to agree, he is sexy,hot. but i get bored with his work,he's very into himself. he a poor top and a very poor bottom and his on every other site out there doing bad work.He likes the porn pay$ but doesnt give back, maybe quit porn and stick wi bobbit on 06/10/2010 Sexy? Hells yes. But he's kind of a bore in bed. Stick to girls, honey, if you can't even pretend to be into guys. RottyTom on 12/10/2011 Guy shouldn't do porn. Waste of time.

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