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Rafael Alencar

Rafael Alencar

Meet Rafael

Rafael Alencar has been in the adult business for a while, but he's finally decided to get the full CockyBoys treatment. He's known around town as one of the hungriest tops with a near perfect physique, and his massive uncut cock has pounded a full spectrum of bubble butts. He first got hooked up with CockyBoys through Ricky Roman and Chris Harder in the NYC club scene, the three even getting kicked out of a few clubs for getting a little too hot and heavy. But that's just the CockyBoys mentality, and Rafael blends in perfectly. Chris was excited to be the first CockyBoy to take Rafael's enormous dick full on, but there's surely many more to come!

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Chzcke on 06/20/2020 I loved Rafael when he was doing videos for KB, perhaps Kristen had more control of his model when they were filming in Europe. But when Rafael started shooting for American companies he brought a lot if his distrust and anger issues with him. I loved him on the European based tour. I have not seen a single American based film...where he treats his fellow models with respect. He's a performer who really lets his small head think for him. Not in one American based film has he ever showed the compassion, the passion or the sincerity with partners the way he did in his KB films........" there is more to a man than the size of his big dick".....We are Americans (who absolutely love porn); Perhaps Americans would show you more love if you should the same love and respect......remember respect is earned, 'has nothing to do with the size of your dick' I truly once loved in all the KB flixs, but I hsve since lost respect. Stay healthy, and be blessed.

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