Phenix Saint

Phenix Saint

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Phenix Saint – hot,six pack, big dick, scruffy surfer San Diego boy look, and a fucking HOT surprise at the end of his cock – it’s pierced with a big thick ring in the end of it. I swear I precum just thinking about it. I met Phenix down in San Diego on the beach. He was wearing a really tight swimsuit, and you could see the ring on the end of his large cock. One too many Corona and I’ll say about anything. So I just asked him if his dick was pierced. It rattled him a little. He’s ‘straight’ and a tad bashful. I offered him a beer and he finally chilled out. No matter how hard I tried though, he wouldn’t pull his dick out. It drove me crazy – I won’t lie – because you could see it right through his swimsuit. Finally a couple of weeks later he hit me up because he needed cash to get his car fixed and admitted he was a little turned on at the idea of jacking off in front of a camera. I was like ‘fuck yeah’ – and we shot his solo scene. I don’t really get into the whole ‘converting straight boys’ thing – but if there was ever one I wanted to get dirty with at first site it’s Phenix Saint. Let’s just say he would walk a little funny the next day, and probably change his last name…..definitely.

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wow247 on 03/22/2009 YOU are one HOT, SEXY man, great body gret videos! robertja on 04/17/2009 Phenix is so damn hot, whether on top or bottom he never lets you down. Love is ever changing looks. More Phenix please. imbrad on 07/10/2009 phenix was my inspiration to get my cock pierced :) ola747 on 08/05/2009 ur hot bobbit on 06/10/2010 More Phenix please. The man is dynamite. So, so sexy. lodong on 10/24/2010 This is one sexy fella michaelf on 02/08/2011 wow, Phenix is straight? I fcuking love it! I didn't like his look when I 1st saw him on 703, when I saw him ram Tristan on this site, I changed my opinion. the PA is always hot! micha elf on 05/20/2011 Phenix Saint is God!!!! AMike on 11/29/2011 When Phenix is going to bottom again? can't wait to see him again bottoming. He is really good. Jack on 01/20/2012 Phenix is insanely HOT...what a HUNK!!! poorass on 03/03/2012 poorass love pierced cocks GeoffreyPrince on 03/22/2016 .............. . . . . Phenix. Good God this man is sexy as fuck! More of him, please. I love to watch him bottom. I do not think it comes natural to him, so it is that much more of a turn on. MeanKat on 03/23/2019 Ha! I had a feeling Phenix was straight. The entire time I watched the Phenix/Derek video I was like, that guy is straight. But yeah, that when he popped out that PA I definitely tingled in all the right places. I had no idea that was even a turn-on for me. And now I know.

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