Nico Leon

Nico Leon

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Tall & handsome New Yorker Nico Leon has a sweet, loving & somewhat shy demeanor but he's actually adventurous & uninhibited sexually. And as he says, "the dirtier the better". He enjoys all the sensual pleasures of sex and also loves to be used and manhandled. There's no guessing what he likes and what he's feeling during sex because Nico is both verbal and vocal. For those who like intuitive, genuinely responsive and expressive sex partners Nico is a dream come true.

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woodduck on 11/14/2018 Nico is super beautiful, and, although Justin is in great shape, he seemed a little bored at times. I hope we see Nico paired up with someone who can give him a good rim job, and, really fuck him as hard as he seems to want. Justin is just too "vanilla" for this kid. Sam on 11/15/2018 I want to see cum into Nico mouth and face fucking josh1904 on 11/19/2018 actually Justin is fab - what a guy next door - gorgeous athletic bod, and a dick that certainly pleased Nico who expresses a rampant sexuality to push Justin to fuck harder and deeper - 'use my hole' is taken to its limit. Both guys have a sensational non stop fuckathon.

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