Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker

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Matthew Parker is that everyday kind of guy you might notice on the street with a smile... but when he takes his shirt off, you're like HOLY FUCK! There's a porn star hiding underneath! Matthew is straight up stunning, especially when you see him standing up naked, force feeding his cock to an eager guy. He's sexually versatile, but uh... when he tops it's like watching a power drill annihilating concrete. A true prince on the streets but a beast in the sheets, Matthew is your favorite new dreamboat fuck buddy!

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Patrick on 04/04/2016 matthew Parker you are so hot, great pornstar at cockyboys, love your performance and you are such a hot Top too, and know how to handle other all favorite matthew Parker Patrick on 04/04/2016 Matthew Parker you are gorgeous hot, your body is so hot, and sexy for sure, you are a guy to adore, !! Archie on 09/02/2017 Please, more of Matthew Parker!

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