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Mason Star

Mason Star

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The moment I saw Mason Star, I wanted him as a CockyBoy. He's hot, tattooed, has a gigantic dick, and works as a go-go boy on the side. Not only that, he loves fucking, getting fucked, and is a pro at both. I first met Mason when he drove up to my house in Palm Springs to shoot some scenes for me, and we instantly hit it off. I instantly wanted him as a permanent CockyBoys, and when you guys see him in action, you'll get what I mean!

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JAKE911 on 06/01/2011 WOW! Mason is Perfection. patric44 on 06/04/2011 Mason is the reason I joined Cocky Boys! I saw his picture and had to see the rest of him. I hope that you utilize this hot little fucker in the future, because I'm just waiting to see more of him!!! shamus on 06/05/2011 perfection. he's one of the best fuckers on cockyboys. big9chicago on 06/09/2011 Mason is absolutely my favorite model of all time! Breathtaking performances! I can't wait to see more and more of him! He must be a real joy to be inside of! Mason Lover on 06/18/2011 I joined because of Mason Star. I love his face and his teeth! He is natural when he is talking doesn't seem put on, and the camera loves his every move. He seems to really be at ease in every situation. When I see his tongue eat some hole it is as if I never saw it before, ditto eating his spooge, he just seems like a nasty little fuck. The dildo scene ( I never like them ) seemed like he found his big brother's dildo's and used them so good. I can't wait to see someone really good looking rough the hell out of him. He's really great. Give him a raise. ben on 07/15/2011 love mason star!!! hes one of the top sexyet guys on here and it would be hot to see him get tag teamed in a orgy of 5 or more hot guys Seth G on 07/15/2011 There is no doubt that Mason is super hot with a big cock who can get it and give it... but I am not seeing 10 inches. People really have crazy ideas of measurements, how big they say their cock is vs how big it really is. I sucked off a hot guy today that said he was 7 inches online and he was maybe 5 inches and thin, still a total hottie with a tasty load. Some guy posted on craigslist that he had a huge dick and had a picture of it laying on top of a dollar bill... it was the same size as the bill. (US currency is 6.1 inches long) so he was barely average in reality. From eyeballing an 8 inch cock means you should be able to hold your penis like a baseball bat from the base towards the tip and still not cover the head of the penis at all. Short version... i'd love to see mason star's dick next to a ruler. :) michael on 10/23/2011 Mason Star is one of my three favorites. Mason, I love you! retiredheineken on 02/17/2012 Bottom or whatever, he is still big. More than one way. Love to eat his cum too. dkdezines on 07/07/2012 A natural cocksucker, totally into it, nothing faked, no haughty attitude, just a pure man-loving sex machine. Bust my nut several times a day watching him and his hot cock getting devoured by the Cocky Boys. His scene with Jimmy Clay is perfection - a testament to men loving men. More please! I'mJackToo on 08/19/2012 You forgot to list his scene with Jake! garynickoli on 09/12/2012 cocky boys hotest site love mason an need more latin guys tyson08 on 01/13/2013 only discovered mason this morning, and so hard to get free clips of this gorgeous fucker, so he's the reason i joined cockyboys, seriously i have fell in love, this guy is absolutely stunning, i would so bottom for him, i need that cock bare inside my tight hole, damn turning into a fantasy page must go and wank. Happy Jack on 03/14/2013 You need to get your check book out and lure this guy back. Would love to see more of his 'bromance' with Tommy, and would definitely like to see him finish what he started with Gabriel in the three-way. Michael on 11/29/2015 What's about Mason? Any news? Any new scenes planned in the future? He is sooo hot... JC on 12/16/2015 Mason is sex on legs. My ideal man! franmass on 05/10/2016 On ne le voit pas assez ce magnifique adonis! Porno Junky on 12/26/2016 im a huge fan of Mason, where has he been? whats hes doing now? Midwestern Boy on 11/29/2023 No question, Mason Star is one of the hottest Cocky Boys performers of all time! Hope he's doing well!

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