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Kennedy Carter

Kennedy Carter

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To put it simply: Kennedy Carter is a studmuffin. He's got a killer body, beautiful tattoes, amazing sex appeal and a witty personality that'll win even your mother over. Kennedy is a sexy British guy that has hit the porn scene like a storm— and he's been one of the freshest faces we've seen in a while. He's versatile, with an amazing ass, and a beautiful uncut cock. And for those of you that like a boy with some brains, he's currently in college getting his BA in hispanic studies, and he loves music and art. From his look to his personality, Kennedy Carter is a CockyBoy in ever sense of the word.

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thom on 11/07/2011 Fire Crothes do it for me~~~and British too....I have not known a true Fire Crotch who wasn't boiling was great seeing that wonderful (and kinda nasty) Tommy Defendi work him over. Woot!!It is clear that they "got along" and "played well together"!....Man, did they! retiredheineken on 01/26/2012 I too love red heads and heir big cocks. Just not enough to go around. Can we have more? KRYPTODOG on 02/28/2012 The scene between Kennedy and his BF is absolutely beautiful and stunning. There is nothing else like Men In Love. buddydsfrnd on 03/03/2012 i caint stop jerking off to your video's ,, i wanna see your pubs on your swollen cock ,, Jarrod on 03/23/2012 British, un-cut, and a red head. What more could anyone possibly need?! BigCat on 08/12/2012 Just my fav One <3 zap on 08/22/2019 More Kennedy please!!!

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