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Jonathan Lowe

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JONATHAN LOWE – Or “JLowe” as I call him. This hot fucker has it all: full lips, perfectly manicured body, a great cock, and a tight ass you could eat for days. To top it off, he has a soft Southern accent and boyish charm. Gotta love those Southern boys. By the time they say “no” they already have! I eat that shit up. I met JLowe at a friend’s place in Downtown Los Angeles. The minute you meet him you sense the devilish nature lightly shrouded below his inviting innocent smile. I sipped on Grey Goose while he spilled some of the craziest fucking sex stories I have ever heard. I had to have him. A few drinks later I convinced him to strip down to his briefs. He was wearing Ginch Gonch – which honestly I fucking hate. What kind of cocky boy wears little horses on his briefs? I called him out on that shit, and he said “Well then I'll jus' hafta takem off.” He had me – and when he got in the shower it was all fucking over. This kid has a hot fucking body, and he knows how to work it. He can out fuck the best of them. You’ll be seeing him a lot on my site – and only on my site – I put him under contract. And if you ever catch him wearing fucking Ginch Gonch, tell him Kyle said he has to take them off on the spot….you will be thanking me the rest of your fucking life. Peace.

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KIMBA200 on 03/24/2009 JUST WANT TO SAY JLOWE YOU ARE FUCKEN HOT. YOU ARE MY NUMBER ONE COCKY BOY. OH HOW I LOVE MY JLOWE. LOVE YOUR FEMALE NUMBER 1 FAN NANCY guest on 05/05/2009 J.Lowe is the hottest Cocky Boy!! I want to see him paired w/ RC or Ridge!! gore2000 on 06/02/2009 I 2nd that motion of J.Lowe to be paired with RC or Ridge or both at the same time !!!

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