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Jimmy Clay

Jimmy Clay

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I found this big slab of Puerto Rican cock down in San Diego on a weekend scouting trip a couple months back. Aside from his big thick dick Jimmy has got a lot going for him. I mean just take a look at those big pouty lips, the dark smoldering eyes and that rockin' inked up body of his. What more could you want in a porn star? He's totally straight but said he could be flexible on film if the price was right...which was music to my ears. He's all of 19 years old, 5'11 and 185 lbs of pure beefy muscle. If you haven't checked out his video yet do it now! That is, unless you don't like hot hung 19 year old straight boys getting dirty on film.

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daybkman on 03/23/2010 Very cute. Hope to see more of him. Footguy on 03/25/2010 fucking hot papi dmjm1963 on 04/24/2010 What a handsome need to show more of him. IDK8908 on 07/06/2010 Here might be two possibly interesting match ups. Jimmy Clay with Skylar Caine. Or Jimmy Clay with Hugo Milano. What'd ya think? IDK8908 on 07/06/2010 One more suggestion. Jimmy Clay and Phenix Saint now that's a combo that I could love. michaelf on 02/28/2011 definitely Jimmy & Phenix! i'd love to see those 2 straight boys fuck!! stud69 on 05/25/2011 Jimmy's scene with Sebastian Young is one of the HOTTEST I've ever seen. That boy rides cock like a champ and there's NO WAY you can tell me he doesn't LOVE IT! anewfan on 06/23/2011 wow this guy is amazing!! long lasting member is jimmy stays!! Michael on 10/17/2011 JIMMY CLAY is absolutely my number one Jeffrey on 03/10/2012 Pairing Jimmy Clay & Jak Bass...Wacking Genius!!! BG on 07/18/2012 Jimmy Clay, marry me. Ben on 03/15/2013 My first day as a member and all I can say is...........WOW!!! How did I live without Cockyboys??? The scenes are beautifully filmed, the models are, in a word, HOTHOTHOTHOT, and I've just skimmed the surface of this great find! Now, I only hope that I have the stamina to continue tomorrow. Zac on 03/06/2018 A complete Stud! LittleBabyJoe on 03/08/2022 One of the hottest guys in porn EVER!!!!

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