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Jay Mercer

Jay Mercer

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CockyBoys is excited to bring on board Jay Mercer as an exclusive model -- one look at Jay and he'll bring a smile to your face. He beams with positive energy, charisma, and is always eager to meet new people. You'll be so swept away by his charm that when he takes off his clothes, his near-perfect physique is a welcome surprise. Jay's the type of guy who takes care of himself as much as he takes care of others... meaning he's the type of top who can get a bit merciless when turned on pounding a nice bottom. And that thick cock of his is something that's impossible to go unnoticed! The "full package" in every sense of the word, Jay is one CockyBoy to watch!

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shybiguy on 10/18/2016 He's smoking hot! You should have him do a scene with Ashton Summers! littlebabyjoe on 10/19/2016 Very sexy guy!!! Yummmmmm!!!! jetxx on 10/23/2016 Definitely gorgeous.. I really want to go bed with Jay.I would to see him with Ricky Roman & Ashton Summers. Please CB make it happen soon. Atafafnir on 11/19/2016 The scenes paired with Justin Dean and Junior Fernandez are hopefully the beginning of a lot of amazing hot videos we will see at CB. Please show us more hot scenes with this gorgeous sexy guy. Now he´s already a good top and I´m sure he will grow up to an extraordinary performer who will give us even more joy and really scenes which turn us most on. I agree to JETXX. markymark on 12/01/2016 This guy is great, more please :) littlebabyjoe on 02/09/2017 Jay is remarkably sexy. Bring him back more often. littlebabyjoe on 03/03/2017 What a sexy fucker!!! Sexpert on 05/22/2017 Jay is sexy as hell because along with considerable mechanical sexual skills he brings passion and INTIMACY. His horny connection with his scene partners comes alive with authentic desire. He Kisses and fucks with equal passion. Gay man have got to stop watching straight men pretend to have gay sex because a) It's boring and not hot, b) it damages the healthy gay sexual neuropathways that makes sex hot (95% of sex is between your ears, not your legs. No sexual behavior is hot unless there is a sexual fantasy established in the brain, or what Psychoendocrinologist John Money called a "Love Map."). Research shows that repetitive viewing of "fake sex" damages or impedes the development of healthy gay love maps. So please bring us MORE JAY MERCER. scoones on 01/14/2018 please more scenes so hot me on 02/25/2018 why have you not used him in scenes lately?!? This is one of the SEXIEST men this site has ever had and he is AMAZING in his scenes. Please, please, please bring him back. MORE OF JAY on 02/12/2019 If you don’t do more of him I am literally cancelling my subscription! He’s so hot and his smile is fucking sexy! More of him 10/10 ?MORE PLEASE? on 02/27/2019 Bring more of him, he is amazing. I’m cancelling my subscription if there is not a video of him up before next month ! user01941 on 10/25/2019 Hot, hot, hot!

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