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If you've never heard the term "big things come in small packages," allow our new CockyBoy Jae Roze to explain. Jae is a baby-faced pup with burgeoning muscles and tattoos so pretty against his olive skin, they almost look like he was born with them. Being new to both CockyBoys and porn (aside from a solo he shot over at our sister site VideoBoys), Jae was also adorably shy when we first met up with him. For example, when we asked him how he likes to get fucked, he replied by saying his favorite sex is "I miss you sex." Swoon. As you can imagine, our resident hopeful romantic, Ricky Roman, was all over Jae. Not unlike an older brother-type figure both physically and emotionally, Ricky took a surprising turn as the mature top for Jae's big debut. But what surprised Ricky himself was the enormous size of Jae's cock! His thick and uncut rod was mystifying to Ricky, making Jae's humble demeanor all the more sexy. All in all, Jae proves that you don't have to be cocky about your big cock to be a CockyBoy!

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Angelo on 03/18/2016 Jae, you are SO beautiful! love <3 GJTO on 03/20/2016 More of Jae bottoming please! Sanju87 on 10/17/2016 I love Jay Roze... Nice guy & nice dick... need more video BTTMfun on 11/10/2016 Hey Jae, you are awesome.... great body and your sexy moves are making me crazy! Keep-on-going and please stay that natural, cute way of behavior. That makes your vids so special and great. Thanks from Joe Arxhend on 07/01/2019 Youre Awsome ❤️❤️ Arxhend Gay on 07/04/2019 Arxhend + Jae =❤️❤️ Arxhend Gay on 07/04/2019 Jae i would suck your dick so hard you are so fucking hot ?? just geo on 12/11/2019 Get rid of the ink GIRL!!!!!

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