Florian Nemec

Florian Nemec

Meet Florian

Originally from Germany, Florian Nemec is another BelAmi beauty on loan to us for our upcoming Cockyboys/BelAmi DVD. His "job" at BelAmi is to prepare the models and make sure they're ready for filming AKA: every gay man's dream job. Described as likable and easy going he's also an archetypal top and has no plans to bottom anytime soon. Sad news for tops - great news for bottoms. With a stunning body, an incredibly handsome youthful face, and a perfect cock, if this boy doesn't do it for you no one will.

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usertom9qw on 01/26/2010 I can't get enough of seeing Skyler getting fucked. What a sexy hunky guy! nidsaw80 on 01/28/2010 I swear this guy looks just like Andrew Blue. I thought it was him at first!

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