Dorian Black

Dorian Black

Meet Dorian

Meet Dorian Black. Dorian is another pro-am fighter joining the Cockyboys line up. He’s got a muscular bod, nice abs, a great cock, and can suck dick like a true champ. He’s a friend of mine from the mid-west. A great guy – and very masculine. You would never suspect that his biggest turn on is sucking dick. But it is, and he’s very very good at it. We went to a Dodgers game, ordered hot dogs, and I watched in amazement as Dorian practically put the whole thing in his mouth. Of course I made a cock joke. Dorian just looked up, smiled, and said, “yeah I can deep throat a cock.” Well I had to see it – and I have to admit – it’s amazing. Definitely check out this guy’s scenes. He can fuck and suck with the best of them!

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gore2000 on 06/02/2009 Hott !!!! johnster on 07/20/2010 Wow. I can't even breathe properly when I stare at this guy. One of the hottest humans beings I've ever seen. Joined the site mostly for him. uhmmm on 06/16/2011 i've been with him haha.

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