Dayton O'Connor

Dayton O'Connor

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I met this hot mother fucker during pride weekend. He was up from San Diego and looking to get into some trouble. I asked him what he was into when we met at a random bar Saturday night and he said "Anything aggressive; slapping, spitting, all that good stuff". A man after my own heart! I knew immediately I had to have him on my site. To no one's surprise this kinky mo' fo' was totally up for it. There's not much else to say about this guy - look at that face, that body, and that huge beautiful dick! What are you waiting for? Get your dick out, grab some lube, and check this guy out!

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BLUEBIRD on 11/26/2009 8 inches i can taste BLUEBIRD on 11/26/2009 get this 8 incher with bobby clark ttripp1 on 12/19/2009 Awesome guy! I just met him in person tonight in San Diego. I was like OMG! Had a lesbian friend of mine go up and ask him 'cause I didn't have the balls lol. But talked with him, shook his hand, very easy talking. refreshguy on 01/04/2010 this dude is sex on legs!!! more of him in duos please. berger75181 on 02/08/2010 great solo! twonutbuster on 02/21/2010 Dayton likes it rough, he made Aj his little bitch. zhdick4 on 12/28/2010 would love to see him get fucked !!!! maybe even double penetration notadork on 01/01/2012 Oh my GOD!! Please I will make mine, a DOUBLE. What a man oh man MORE OF THIS SEX GOD PLEASE... corky on 03/08/2012 Dayton is one of the hottest studs I have ever seen next to Gabriel... Will we ever see him again??? Gabriel and Dayton would blow it up!!!!

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