Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans

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Hot Cheese on 10/11/2021 PLEASE use mega-hot Dan as a model as soon as possible. My cock is hard as soon as it looks at him! Want more on 10/26/2021 One of the hottest ones you’ve had in a while need to see more like him! walter on 10/30/2021 Dan is superb. Keep Dan busy, so we can keep busy. Atafafnir on 12/25/2021 One of the best looking guys I´ve ever seen. Love his action, his smile, his chemistry, his chest, his cock and his dancing balls. On the one hand he is always tender, on the other hand he is pounding the bottoms with force a second later! A dream of my longingly nights. murciano on 01/26/2022 this is the sexiest guy now! We need more of him getting fucked, and feet and ass eaten! he is the number 1 now along with Justin Matthews NicoTDO on 04/29/2022 Oh my, he is hot. Part of my attraction is his striking similarities to Lance Bass of Nsync; his wet dream scene is one of my favorites Magneeto on 09/10/2022 Dan is amazing. Super hot. Wow. Great scenes so far. Can't wait to see more. marky mark on 11/15/2022 Dan is about the hottest guy out there, not sure why, but he just his, amazing physique, beautiful face, gorgeous body hair, and an engaging performer! He's an 11 or 12 out of 10. Magneeto on 05/21/2023 Daniel is one of the hottest men in a while. Love his shy confidence while being kindly dominant. Romeodude on 07/13/2023 Daniel is one gorgeous hunk of man, beautiful in every way. He is an amazing and caring lover and I would say anyone who gets to be with him is very fortunate. ANiceBiGuyInTexas on 10/05/2023 Can we please get a whole series that is nothing but Daniel Evans and Evan Knox in threesomes with other guys. Them domming young twinks is great, but we can have other combos also. Their individual dynamic is great, but when they are together with others it is magnetic. i love male chests on 10/13/2023 Fantastic guy. Incredible in every way possible. MARC on 11/08/2023 Daniel is amazing, such a hot body & that cock is super wow! He's so sexy.

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