Cory Prince

Cory Prince

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Cory Prince comes to CockyBoys from Valencia, Spain, where he hangs out with his best friend and fuck buddy, Angel Cruz. Angel has introduced us to a plethora of guys he loves to fuck around with -- from Allen King to Flex Xtremo -- but Cory is very different. He's almost like a younger, fun-size version of Angel making him perfectly proportionate to getting rammed and slammed in every way imaginable. You guessed it, Cory loves to bottom. And to be paired with the typically versatile Angel, Cory took full advantage of Angel's aggressive side. Cory's round bubble butt and muscular body brushed with a few tattoos make him not only a great asset to Angel's collection of hot Spanish boy toys, but also one very delectable CockyBoy!

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Sweetheart on 03/25/2016 Welcome sexy

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