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Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire

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If you don't think it's possible for a guy to be cocky and understated at the same time, then allow Connor Maguire to prove you wrong. Connor's a laid back guy's guy when you first meet him, but don't let that cute smile and quiet demeanor fool you. When things gets sexual, Connor becomes extremely focused and a lot more serious than you might expect! He's mostly Celtic and Scandinavian (which is where he got that mop of orange hair) and he loves to top the most (although he occasionally bottoms for the right guy)! Connor's a perfect fit for CockyBoys, and we're glad he's joined us!

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Adam on 12/28/2016 Love Connor! Really wish he would return to CB! jped on 09/27/2017 I don't know what it about him, but I love this guy. I'm not even big on gingers. I think it's that great smile, the crinkly around the eyes when he does it, and the way it encompasses his whole face. You can tell it's genuine. The adorable chuckle during the interviews(which I usually skip) makes me smile. Of course, when they start the scene, he's obviously ALL in, and enjoying himself, it's so hot to watch. My only compleait is that he doesn't get rimmed in any of the scenes, which doesn't seem fair since he has such a beautiful ass. But maybe that's just me. LOVE THIS GUY! Kito on 11/17/2017 +1

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