Connor Corrigan

Connor Corrigan

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Have you ever seen a twink you just want to eat? Meet Connor. Connor has a tight little body and an ass that, well, you just want to eat. I met Connor through Tory Mason. I was immediately drawn to him. He has a smile that is deceptively disarming. You want to just hug him and send him off to school or something. When he mentioned he wanted to do a scene for me, I wasn't sure. I thought, "My boys will tear this kid up." But Connor assured me he is unbreakable, and his ass can go round over round with any top. He was so cocky and confident I had to give him a shot. Let's just say that boy isn't lying. He can take a cock like a champ, luring the top to think the top is in control, then taking it up a notch to give the top a run for his money. If you think you're gonna take control of him, you may want to think again. If you give a try anyway, well, good luck.

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gore2000 on 06/02/2009 I want more Of this LiL Man !!!! murph50 on 03/20/2010 I'd love to get mine between those \Hot\" Cheeks!!" michaelf on 03/01/2011 Connor is a find! cute little guy with a big dick. 125 lbs wet. he's adorable! superdog on 01/15/2017 Connor Corrigan is so hot: I'd love to see more of him. If you google him, you will find screenshots of a Cockyboys film of him with Gamon Walker. But that film doesn't seem to be on this site. Could we have it back, please?

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