Brodie Sinclair

Brodie Sinclair

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Brodie's a pretty well known pornstar. He�s done a lot of straight porn, and fucked a boy or four. He claims he's straight and he sure as hell acts the role. I met him through a mutual friend he used to dance with back in the day. Yes, Mr. Brodie is quite the dancer I'm told. His first scene for me came following a night out at the Abbey in Los Angeles. It was quite the evening, it began with Brodie putting on some speedos and doing a "work out" jerk off solo, and ended with him fucking the hell out of my boy Jesse Santana. He has quite the sexual appetite and the attitude to go with it. We've been friends ever since. The one thing you have to give Brodie, he's a man's man. Imagine how floored I was when he told me he might be open to bottoming. He said if he bottomed he would only do it for my site, and I had to promise to coach him through how to prep. How could I possibly say no to that? So now I have on film the first, and what may be the only, scenes of this hot muscle top using a toy on himself and eventually getting fucked. It was a big step for him, but trust me you'll be glad he took it. Expect to see more of Brodie, like you've never seen him before.

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Jep244 on 04/07/2009 Brodie, You are one HOT stud. I'm glade that you findly decided to bottom. Now all you got to do is start kissing, boy that would be HOT. higher74 on 08/27/2009 brodie is the hottest sraight fucker ever!!!! myguest on 06/28/2010 You are so GORGEOUS!! Thank you for sharing your sexual talent and God-like structual exotic body/COCK!! aloha>STAR54 Dougie1 on 07/29/2010 Although I have waited to see Brody as a bottom, I am not pleased to see Jesse as the top. He is a human dildo. There is no chemistry whatever. How about using the bedroom, using another model who exudes testosterone, and who knows what build-up and seduc

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