Brandon Cody

Brandon Cody

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It's easy to see why Brandon Cody remains one of Sean Cody's most popular models well after moving on. The handsome and muscular, label-defying man with a beautiful smile is good-natured & friendly with an endearingly goofy sense of humor. Brandon exudes self-confidence with a tinge of vulnerability and sensitivity. Brandon says that he's attracted to personality as well as physical beauty and it shows in the honest way in which he interacts with his co-stars.

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ANSHA000 on 12/03/2018 thank you for bringing us Carter .. and what a return !! I do not know you but you are a perfect man in every way.I hope you come back but it will be difficult to find as well as this partner there dan on 12/03/2018 thank you, brandon. you are an angel. Julygirl on 12/04/2018 OMG. Who is this Brandon and why have I never seen him before now!? I am in love! Good Lord! His smile, his eyes, his body! I want more!! He knows how to play Carter like a string instrument. These two had off the charts chemistry! I could play this and over and be happy alone in my room with them. Don't need anyone else! Gah! Ok I'm done. Thanks Jake and RJ. This was HOT AF!! Spanish Fly Boy on 10/08/2019 Brandon has grown on me. At first when he was with another studio, I just saw him as a stock "right off the shelf handsome hunk" and they all look oddly alike. While he is a handsome hunk, he has an adorable persona and such a playful attitude - often spontaneous and that sexy laugh of his has won me over as a die-hard fan. And, oddly he gets sexier as he gets older. Now that is rare! littlebabyjoe on 12/29/2019 Don't you think it's about time you bring Brandon back?

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