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Bobby Clark

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I can honestly say I don't have a type. Hot boys come in every shape, size and ethnicity. But if I was being totally honest, if I had a type it would be Bobby. He has a boyish innocence with a few rough edges, a killer smile, dirty blond hair, a smooth tight body, nice abs, a great cock and an ass you just can't stop watching. He's fucking amazing. And he has this way of thrusting his hips and grinding his ass, you just want to rip off his briefs, grab him by the hair and hurt him until he wants you to hurt him again. You know what I mean. Now Bobby's been on a bunch of websites doing solos and they're all pretty tame. I met him when he hit me up wanting to do a solo for my site. I said I'd do it on two conditions. First, we had to spice up the solo, shoot something different (check out the solo and you'll see what went down). Second, I wanted to see him mess around with a boy (call it intuition). We talked it through for awhile and finally he said, "Well if anybody could get me to mess around with another guy, it's you bro." I'll leave the rest until later, but let's just say we nailed the first part. Check out his solo and watch this kid cum, he's like a fucking fire truck. As for the second part, well, you'll just have to keep checking back. But definitely do keep checking back.

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jeremy76 on 03/27/2009 yum Hanley on 05/17/2009 A Marc And Bobby Reunion is a MUST. Bobby has come a long way since Marc broke him in, the two of them together was hot and with all of Bobby's new experiences it will be ever hotter. Marc and Bobby reunion a MUST bluebird on 07/05/2009 bobby makes me come every day sometimes twice randy1 on 12/21/2009 I LOVED IT WHEN I GOT TO VIEW BOBBY GETTING HIS CHERRY POPPED. I LOVE A MAN WHO CAN BE A GOOD BOTTOM AND DO OTHER POSITIONS AS WELL. IT IS SEXY! cw5221980 on 02/01/2010 I don't really buy Bobby as a top (doesn't have the dick for it) I'd rather see him bottom!!! thomas1 on 07/18/2010 bobby should do a three way with santana and his brother if he does not want to mess around with his brother i understand just being in the same room with him naked is hot enough!! oldercs1 on 10/30/2010 Love bobby,s aggressive oral comments while he is having sex with other dudes. malecumm on 01/16/2011 I do feel the need to post here in response to some of the criticisms that gets thrown at Bobby (e.g. the mohawk hairstyle in the scene with Ace). I'm not a fan of mohawks either, but I appreciate the scenes with Bobby all the same. I think it's fantastic michaelf on 02/28/2011 I LOVE Bobby's chameleon hair!!! THAT is total confidence! I especially like that tall blond mohawk he's featuring in the scene w Ace. tattoos and a mohawk are a turn-on (as well as the PA that Phenix is sporting)it's all good! blueeyedboii on 01/04/2012 i can jack off to bobby clark all day long i want his nice hot juicy cock in my ass I'mJackToo on 08/22/2012 We need Bobby Clark and Jake Bass together. Like soon. :) Spanish Fly Boy on 09/27/2019 Bobby Clark re-defines stud muffin. He defies being typed and is just a dream - exciting, forceful, and sweet all in one unbelievable package.

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