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Antonio Pixie

Antonio Pixie

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Given his name you would expect Mexican star Antonio Pixie to be a cute, mischievous sprite and in a way he is. Antonio is no mere bad boy with a playful side though--he's got a monster cock and it's no toy: he wields it like an instrument of power. Sure, he has a sensuous side when it comes to foreplay, but when he gets going, he doesn't hold back. Those who lust after his big dick have to step it up when sucking him and bottoming for him---and Antonio Pixie makes sure they do.

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Payton Tosari on 05/22/2023 OMG this newcomer at Cockyboys is amazing hot. Like Latin guys as Antonio Pixie, good looking guy, who has a body every man could dream off. His tatted body, perky and sensitive nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick and balls are massive and so amazing hot. Antonio Pixie is a hot Top and he becomes my favorite man in the Mexico series at Cockyboys. Cannot wait to see him soon back on stage in a new man to man encounter with other hot Cockyboys men.

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