Anthony Romero

Anthony Romero

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This cute hunk joins CockyBoys with his abs-of-steel boyfriend, Austin Wilde. The two of them love to show off together and with others, traveling the world one fuck at a time. Anthony loves to do yoga because it prepares him for getting his ass pummeled in all sorts of different positions like a good little bottom boy. But don't think he puts those lips to waste, either. He runs an advice column on his blog, AnthonyLAND, and when asked how he got so good at sucking cock, he replied with, "Spit. Hand. Work. It's called a job for a reason!"

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gary on 09/10/2012 anthony i love to watch saw him on marcus mojo the huntsman dude on next door buddies i want to see do it Jilly on 09/15/2012 Anthony and Austin are my favorite. Love seeing them together. FanGrrl99 on 10/01/2012 Ahhhhh Anthony - one of my favorites. You are the perfect CockyBoy. You have a beautiful body, an ass to die for, the arch of your back is, simply put, a work of art and that smile . . . I love that smile. Your "Austony" scene with Austin is amazing. Love watching that - you are beautiful apart but ridiculously so together. ComputerScience87 on 12/22/2012 Anthony, you're one of the main reasons I joined this site. Seeing you and your boyfriend scene together is purely the most amazing footage I've ever had the chance of seeing! With each scene released I get ecstatic wondering what you're next move will be. Keep up the good work because you're clearly the best one in the industry, HANDS DOWN! CHE on 01/07/2013 I honestly love Anthony. Would be awesome to see him paired up with maybe Dillon Rossi or someone along those lines. Anthony is just perfect in all aspects. Ozzy469@Skype on 02/17/2013 OMG!!! I would LOVE to me Anthony someday! Sexymeat on 03/27/2013 Anthony is sexy and a great bottom love watching his scenes. Jupiter on 09/05/2016 I am so glad that Anthony Romero is here. I chatted with him a few years ago when he was on another site and fell in love with his personality then. He told me that he grew up in a farm in xxxxxx and that is where he acquired his downhome charisma. He has matured beautifully since then but still maintains his boyish good looks. I hope to see a lot of him and Austin, together or separately, in the future. Noda_Flake on 09/09/2016 He is still my favorite. I love to come back and re-watch all the scenes with Anthony. Such passion surrounding this guy. You just have to like him. And the chemistry he shares with his partner and brings on screen.... phenomenal. I really do miss seeing him but I hope he is happy wherever he is! <3 me on 02/25/2018 He is the reason I joined originally. In my opinion the best Cocky Boy ever!!!!!! Scenes are the hottest. Looks like he doesn't do porn anymore, but if you could ever bring him back would be the best!!!!!!! Ky on 08/06/2018 Shame most are only 720p and not 1080p upgraded

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