Andrew Elliot

Andrew Elliot

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An accomplished classical dancer, a college student and a retail sales clerk, one would think that Andrew would have enough on his plate already. But what Andrew really wanted was to get into making porn. It seems Andrew really has a passion for large penis and though he only recently turned 18, he has spent a fair amount of time pursuing it.

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pavelr on 07/13/2011 Andrew is one sexy young man - great body, love the unshaven look. Actually looks as if he is really enjoying doing porn - hope he cums back for more! Skippy on 10/16/2011 pavelr is right the boy looks awesome and he really gets into it with Gabriel love his looks... PLEASE I beg you get him back to do more and more. I really don't think I could get enough of Andrew. Has he done a Video for you yet? Get him on it. admirer on 07/11/2012 he is lovely Maximilian on 08/06/2016 What happened to him? He looks sooo good with his facial hair! And when he sucks on s dick... oh boy!!!

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