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ANDREW BLUE. If you look on the homepage at the very bottom you'll see a "Get Discovered" button. It's for guys who want to be in one of my videos to send me their 411. I almost always pull boys from my "black book". Most of what comes in over the site is pretty fucking scary. But once in awhile I'll get one that's a full blown hottie and just wants to fuck with a hot boy on camera. Meet Andrew Blue. He applied on the site & said he was a straight boy doing gay work for some kind of surfer company and wanted a chance to roll with us. I bounced the pics off my boy Derrick Vinyard, and Vinyard wanted to fuck him. Blue didn't even have a car to get to LALA land to meet with us so I sent my driver down to the OC to pick his ass up. Vinyard and I were on the fence, every dipshit on myspace uses fake pics, so we weren't sure what to expect. When Blue finally got to my pad he was nervous as shit but definitely a surfer boy SoCal hottie. We chatted for a bit and got straight into the scene. For a "straight" boy Blue can bottom like a fucking champ. At first Vinyard was going easy on him but I saw Blue taking it in stride so I told Vinyard to really hit it. Man can this kid take cock. He should definitely be a contender for best bottom in about anything. Holy shit. You'll be seeing a lot of Andrew Blue, and loving every fucking second of it.

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ashdar on 06/19/2009 Andrew is about the hottest guy you've got going on this site, but why do you only list six photo sets and movies for him? He has done quite a few more and more recently? Whenever I see Andrew is on the site, I know it's going to be a sexual feast. He's stefenlu on 07/07/2009 Andrew is the reason why I joined this site. He is THE ultimate bottom - what a beautiful man. Please, more of him. BillieXX on 07/16/2009 Hearing Andrew moan makes me hard! LOL Any chance he can be the center of a gang-bang? bobbit on 07/11/2010 I second the request for Andrew to be the center of a gang-bang. This boy needs as much cock as he can get, and he needs it put to him hard. hotbud69xxx on 10/14/2010 Andrew is the hottest. The way he enjoys sex and moans makes one just explode. michaelf on 02/26/2011 I got my first hardon watching Andrew when I saw him in JSM JerseyScore. The scene on CockyBoys w/Wolf and the expandable toy and then Bobby Clark throwing him around on the stairs are Andrews hottest performances!!! madness on 05/23/2011 No solo?! Boo!!!

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