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AJ Irons

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AJ Irons has got to be one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He's just so laid-back and down for anything. I love it. But then he gets naked and you see his body and you're like “Hm, can I fuck your brains out like I hate you?” And I have to tell you – this boy can take mean dick like it's nobody's business. He'll swallow the biggest dick in either hole and once inside you just want to keep fucking him over and over again. As a bottom he turns into this submissive little bitch and always manages to bring out the bad top side in my boys. And as a top – you better be prepared to be in some pain once you feel his mancock split you open. What can I say- he's got the best of both worlds. And he truly is bisexual so whatever floats you're boat – AJ has probably already done it. Ok, enough talking. Time to see his tight hole manhandled so pick one of his scenes and enjoy!

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Jaigo2010 on 08/12/2010 He's as straight as a 90 degree angle! Not to mention he is ugly. Where are all the cute guys? This site was a waste of $20. myguest on 08/17/2010 aj irons...definately one of my favorites...more of him please...pleeeaaase! joshs713 on 10/18/2010 AJ is fucking hot. His body is amazing, his attitude is great and his deep voice is sexy as hell. He's the reason I joined! windchime on 10/23/2010 I fucking love AJ. More of him as a bottom please frc1968 on 12/30/2010 Absolutely LOVE AJ!!! Need to see more of him on the site (as a bottom especially). Gorgeous and sexy and boy can he shoot a load of cum!!!! michaelf on 01/16/2011 AJ is my kind of straight guy - he's not uptight about having sex w/ a guy. I love his scenes w/ Bo Dean, Wolf, and Dayton & I always get turned on by a nasty verbal tough guy! mikala2 on 07/23/2012 AJ Irons can have my baby anytime. One sexy dude! guysd4u on 08/19/2012 I believe AJ used to work with me before he got in to porn. If my memories serve me correctly, his real first name is Robert. And i only paid $10/month for life for this site. :-) jcallnite on 09/02/2012 I am in total agreement with you Josh. I don't know what the hell is wrong with Jaingo. He is either Blind stupid or mad. AJ is one of the most hottest sexiest men I have ever seen

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