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Adrian Hart

Adrian Hart

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If anyone could be described as the "total package" it would be porn veteran Adrian Hart. On his looks alone he is handsome & muscular, with a near-perfect flexible body, including a hot bubble butt and big dick. But it's how Adrian uses his physical assets that make him the total package. The versatile star brings passionate sexual energy to a variety of scenes and has chemistry with just about every one of his co-stars. A must-see star.

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vasq93 on 12/16/2020 Adrian Hart is a stunning stud. His appearance is awesome. He is handsome, very masculine, has a perfect Bubble butt and a great muscle definition. What I like in particular are his massive strong manly legs. He transformed them into such like tree trunks or pillars of massive steel. They are such a turn on, as are his big, fat cock and big balls. Hope to see a lot more of this sexual beast. Atafafnir on 02/19/2022 What can I say? I fully agree to Vasq93.Adiran is a sexy beast. A warmly welcome at CB. Would really like to see more vids of him! Not only with the younger guys!

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