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Will Wikle

Will Wikle

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Will Wikle first came into the public eye appearing as a contestant on the fifth season of Big Brother. Since then, he's starred in a variety of reality TV series on Logo and Bravo and snagged leading roles in mainstream films. Will has built a reputation as a handsome, out-and-proud pop culture icon, but for the past eight years, he's refocused his career path and now works as a health practitioner. He's driven, passionate, and has a good head on his shoulders... which may come as a surprise since his staggering good looks are so distracting. With his impeccable body and Hollywood-ready face, Will has been approached to do porn many, many times over the years. And while he's always been curious, Will never felt the kind of comfort or creativity he was looking for in the adult industry until he found CockyBoys. Together with director Jake Jaxson, Will developed an idea for a feature-length film with exactly the kind of multi-dimensional storytelling and intensely erotic sex sequences he was envisioning. Alongside CockyBoys Colby Keller and Levi Karter, Will makes his porn debut in The Stillest Hour arriving at CockyBoys this Spring!

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woton93 on 02/20/2016 His body looks a lot like mine......Jesus, I'd like to have a roll in the sack with him......... D28 on 03/02/2016 YOU HAVE TO PUT HIM IN MORE FILMS. HE IS GORGEOUS, SEXY, HOT I COULD GO ON FOREVER!!!!!! WILL WIKLE on 03/03/2016 Hey Cockyboys community, thanks for the warm welcome. We're working hard behind the scenes to deliver something super sexy and interesting with The Stillest Hour. I hope you guys love it. And in the meantime, I've got a long list of Cockyboys on my wish list. Who should I kiss next? :-) Love, Will CorneyCool on 03/14/2016 Will...I think you should do something with Levi Karter and Ricky Roman...they are hot and so are you Loki on 04/27/2016 Spring has sprung! When are we going to get to see this gorgeous, sexy man!! Want to see The Stillest Hour! Loki on 05/03/2016 I think a scene with Zak Bishop would be incredibly hot. He has beautiful eyes and an amazing smile. MTOPNDC on 05/10/2016 It is Spring. When is this going to happen...? You have us all already! Loki on 05/19/2016 If I had a health practitioner as gorgeous as this guy, I don't think I'd ever want to leave his office. Hate to sound like a broken record, but when are we going to get to see more?!?! The Stillest Hour is starting to feel like the Longest Season.... babylove on 09/18/2016 its approaching the fall….stillest hour probably still need editing... justme on 10/04/2016 going on a year and still no scene P23 on 10/14/2016 when the full scene be released? been waiting for a long time!!! Archie on 09/01/2017 Well, how exciting to find Will here and looking absolutely stunning. I hope we get to see him express many more of his fantasies at CB and feel sure he will become a major star. TXBttm on 03/11/2018 I would love to see him top someone. He's got a ruggedly handsome face. I could see him plowing into someone and making him cum like Ol' Faithful!!

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