Tristan Tucker

Tristan Tucker

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Tristan fucking Tucker – that should be his name. I have never met such a truly insatiable hot bottom boy as Tristan Tucker. After his third shot of vodka, Tristan can take on every boy in the bar – at the same time. This boy once got DP’d by two friends of mine, and he wanted it three more times the same night. Who can take that much cock and want more? I think when Britney Spears wrote “Gimme More” she must have been hanging out with Tristan Tucker! He’s very flirtatious, but has a heart of gold and an ass - well – an ass you want to fuck for hours. Check out his scenes – he never disappoints.

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gore2000 on 06/02/2009 what an sexy bottom !!! HENNTONG1 on 03/11/2010 Kyle, give us some more of Tristan. He is a real hot dude. bleachfan13 on 06/22/2010 want to fuck u michaelf on 02/08/2011 absolutely more Tristan! he's a superstar! Real Hard on 01/02/2012 Reason I joined this site was to see Tristan. Show us more! PaoloMonaco on 02/23/2017 Tristan, you are simply the gay Aristocracy. Boy to venerate !

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