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Oh man did I ever hit the jackpot with Skyler Caine. He emailed me directly with his pics and asked if I thought he had what it took to be a Cockyboy. When I saw his pics I thought Christmas had come twice this year! I knew immediately that I had to have him on the site. That face, that body, that tattoo and did I mention that hot cock of his and an ass that can get pounded for days? In his own words "I'm a bottom naturally" "I like getting fucked - any which way". You can't help but love a guy who says that! You'll be seeing a lot of this kid.

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JDoussa on 04/26/2009 I was once a film editor, but I have never seen a young man as hot as Skyler. He is sensational. I have troubloe breathing normally just watching him do his thing. More! please.John Doussa guest on 05/05/2009 Can't wait to see this stud in some hot m2m action. Hell if I was a cockyboy, I'd let him break me in. Aloha, Kaleo falcon on 07/13/2009 Quiero ver a Skyler en una doble penetracion anal myguest on 08/07/2009 I joined this site specifically for Skyler. He is by far one of the hottest new guys in porn, and I expect to see more from him. I know more people that have come to visit this site, from Seattle, Miami, and across the US just to see him. Much love, Will natalie on 08/30/2009 i joined this site ONLY for skyler caine...i am a female and i love to masturbate to him EVERYDAY. he is the best and no one can top this beautiful god... usertom9qw on 01/24/2010 Nothing sexier and erotic than a hot looking masculine guy like Skyler taking it in the ass, and cumming with a big cock in his ass michaelf on 03/10/2011 Skylar what bottoms strive to be - a hot guy who loves to deep throat and makes it look effortless and takes a ass pounding w no screaming, minimal whimpering, and never tries to push the top off of him because its hitting too deep. if u want to get fcuk' retiredheineken on 02/15/2012 I agree with Mitch dtd 03/10/11. Skyler is exactly what everyone should be and love to do.

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