Paul Nixon

Paul Nixon

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This Georgia boy is borderline Matthew McConaughey in the Southern charm department. Standing 6 feet tall, with a truly incredible stomach, Paul has that Southern charm thing down to a science. The minute I heard him speak I told him how much I love Southern boys. He asked me why and I said, “By the time they say ‘no’ they already have!” He just laughed and said he had been duped that one a time or two himself. I met Paul on a tour throw the South. He told me that although he had never bottomed, he would be open to the idea for CockyBoys. There was something about our crew that made him feel very comfortable. Well how in the hell could I pass that up? I’m not sure Paul understood what he was signing up for. When I shot his solo with a toy, and later his bottom scene getting fucked, I have seriously never seen anyone in so much pain. If straight boys being violated is your thing, Paul’s scenes are worth a look. Even today when I see them they’re kinda hard for me to watch. Poor Paul. Lucky you. Check’em out.

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