Multi-faceted jock Ollie comes to CockyBoys after a variety of work which you might have seen elsewhere. He's friendly but comparatively soft-spoken. He's fun-loving but has a focused serious side and is disciplined athletically. You'll be impressed by his muscular build, especially his thick legs and hard bubble butt. And he uses his whole body as a skilled and versatile performer. Here you're likely to see the many sides of Ollie ...and possibly something new.

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FinnAgain on 10/13/2017 I think I'm in love. He looks better than ever. More of Ollie the Olympian, please. Jason on 10/15/2017 total mancrush Cakes on 10/19/2017 I love Ollie, ever since he made his debut on Sean Cody. He's a cum pumping machine. Absolutely delicious! Luks on 11/05/2017 Fav!!

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