Mickey Taylor

Mickey Taylor

Meet Mickey

One look at Mickey Taylor and you can see how naturally he fits in at CockyBoys. He's got the piercings, the bleach blond hair, and the tattoos -- there's even one that extends all the way down his uncut cock! While he might seem like a tough guy, Mickey's actually very sweet and reserved in person. He's picky when it comes to guys (which is a good thing) and when he finally finds one he likes, he completely submits himself. He loves kissing and can be gentle when it comes to sex, but he'll surprise you with how quickly he switches things up to hard and fast! Originally from the UK, Mickey might have just found his second home at CockyBoys.

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Bagheera on 01/12/2016 Mickey ... you are wonderful!! :* nice69 on 01/15/2016 More of him... he's a sweety <3 billy7040 on 02/20/2016 i just got to say i love love love mickey taylor

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