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Marc Cody

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What’s not to love about him? 19 years old, super hot, super sweet and super fucking smart. If you like boys with a young look, you’ll practically pre-cum when you meet this kid. He has a very sexual presence, and a body to back it up. You want to strip him down to his underwear and do crazy shit with him all night. We met at a dinner party in Los Angeles. He was bashful at first. But once he locks you in the gaze of his wicked hot blue eyes, you know he won’t be bashful for long. The part that really threw me about him is that he’s very smart. When is the last time you met a boy that can literally fuck all night long, cum four times and reads the New York Times with coffee the next morning? (I’m not saying we did that of course…I only get the LA Times and the Journal.) Well obviously somebody like that had to be on my site – and only on my site. When you see this boy fuck, you’ll lose your mind. When you read his blogs, you’ll find it again. He might be as close to perfect as exists in real life. Enjoy him, consume him, and if you ever meet him, have a New York Times ready…

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aprilwin on 04/26/2009 Gorgeous! cocky1 on 07/30/2009 another scene with him. please. dewaere on 01/03/2010 Gotta love him... whether suckin' or fuckin' the kid obviously loves cock... Jaigo2010 on 08/12/2010 Why does he remind me of Frodo but not as cute? malecumm on 01/18/2011 I find Marc way much cuter than Frodo, but I think we can agree that Frodo is about 1/3 shorter.

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